The original master plan by architects causes great damage to the natural topography of the site where an existing hill locates in the project site. Part of the hill will be completely leveled with a vertical retaining wall of 16.5 meter high, separating the other part of the hill and the site. Atelier Scale proposes a smoother transition from the hill to the site: 1. Regrade the site in order to follow existing ridge topography; 2. Restore an accessible connection between the site and adjacent nature; 3. Turn the returned hill into a commu- nity living room and other part of the hill into a public park.

The design and practice of the Hill Residence continue our thinking on locality and life- style of residential neighborhood, at the meantime, we begin to focus more on the contri- bution and impact of residential communities to urban ecology.



Design Team

Huicheng Zhong, Di Wang, Liyang Chen, Shaozhong Yuan, Zhigang Liu, Jiahui Liang, Lihui Liu, Qimei Ling, Juan Lin, Bingxing Lin, Feimin Song, Jiangang Mao, Ziyan Zeng, Guowu Lv, Yufeng Xu


2020 WLA Awards Merit Award, Concept Design Category
2020 CREDAWARD Gold Award


10.7 ha


Chongqing Longfor