The Wave

The Wave is a recyclable display garden designed by Atelier Scale, with a size of 300 m2.Within a visual-dominant flower show context, we realize there is a huge waste for every garden/flower show where most of the materials are turned into trash after the show is finished. Therefore, we think reflectively: using design to reconsider the life cycle of a temporary garden and promote sense of sustainability of a flower show. We come up with a prefabricated module system, with which we are able to rebuild the garden in another site with 90% of the material, after the flower show is over. The module is inspired by the texture of ocean, where the city of Shenzhen is located. Through tilting and moving of modules, a field of wave is created to simulate the ocean. 



Design Team

Huicheng Zhong, Yiliang Zhang, Qimei Ling, Juan Lin, Zhengzheng Xiong, Bingxing Lin


2020 Shenzhen Flower Show Gold Award, Best Creative Award




Urban Administration & Enforcement Bureau of Bao’an District