The Waterdrop Garden

The MixC World is the most popular retail area in Shenzhen, with a vibrant atmosphere in the streets and changing events and programs in the plazas. On the 4th floor of MixC World, there is a public rooftop garden connecting the office tower and the shopping mall.Catering to the diverse user groups and ever-changing usage scenarios, landscape architects offered a flexible design solution to the rooftop garden. Inspired by the nature of waterdrop, which is tangible as well as flexible, the garden is designed to accommodate different commercial programs as well as people's daily recreational needs. This idea is later adopted by the clients, who name the garden the Waterdrop Garden.



Design Team

Huicheng Zhong, Feimin Song, Qimei Lin, Hao Lan, Shaozhong Yuan, Juan Lin, Yiliang Zhang, Bingxing Lin, Jiahui Liang




Shenzhen CR Land