Guangzhou Vanke Cloud City Phase 2 is a pioneer mixed-use development which is comprised of a diverse blend of affordable housing, small apartments, incubator offices, a shopping mall and a middle school. In large scale, landscape architects formulated a complete and rich “pixel community” with a unified landscape framework, which maintains a strong community identity. In small scale, the framework is based on a pixelated grid system that is embedded in paving, furniture, planting and grading. This addresses the need of a younger community with flexible and interactive use of space. In the northwest corner of the grid is Tetris Square, the name of which was proposed by the landscape architects, and later accepted by the client. Tetris Square, with a size of six thousand square meters, is the largest public space of this young community.



Design Team

Huicheng Zhong,Feimin Song,Hao Lan,YoungJoon Choi, Shaozhong Yuan,Wanlu Ye,Liujun Deng,Bingru Xiao,Yongkai Shen


Top 10 Global Landscape Projects,by Landscape Architects Network
CRED Awards Best Commercial Landscape Merit Awards
Featured in Landezine


0.6 ha


Guangzhou vanke