From site selection, design strategy and materiality all the way to construction method, an innovative low impact design approach was adopted. This modular system was proved to be easily applied to the facility upgrade endeavors throughout the national park. As landscape architect, sometimes we are committed with architecture design within landscape projects, our proposal always try to merge architecture with landscape. Views, planting, experience and topography related to the site are always our starting point of design. The Restroom in the Mountains is a meaningful practice, where a systematic design method is generated based on the site condition. This method coordinates site selection, communication with client, design process as well as construction seamlessly.



Design Team

Huicheng Zhong, YoungJoon Choi, Zongjie Liang, Jin Huang, Hao Lan, Feimin Song


Featured in Landscape Architecture
Featured in Archdaily, USA
Featured in A&C ArchitectureMagazine, Korea
Asia Design Prize Winner
Core77 Design Awards Built Environment
WAN Awards Small Spaces Award, Global Top 4
Gold Award, International Green Apple Environment Award
The 3rd China Design Exhibit & Public Art Exhibit



Kunyu Mountain National Park Management Committee