The Urumqi Garden of the 11th China International Horticultural Expo was our first built garden expo project. With the sudden boom of the garden expo in China recently, local gardens that represent individual cities tend to be stereotyped to miniature landscapes or traditional gardens of local landscapes. Keeping this in mind, we participated in the competition at Urumqi Garden with a reflection perspective and won the 1st place. The design strategy aimed to bring back the core value of horticultural expo. We achieved this by implementing fundamental landscape approaches such as space making and planting design. Simultaneously, we also tried to express local identity in a new and unique way. We designed a music-themed tour route which was inspired by the traditional Urumqi stringed instrument– rawap. The route was made up of a meandering “string” path, creating a rich spatial experience of rising and descending drama clubbed with both open and closed spaces.



Design Team

Huicheng Zhong, Xu Jie, Feimin Song, Bingxing Lin, Zhongwei Li, Hao Lan, Qin Zan, Liujun Deng


Featured in Domus, Italy
Featured in Designboom, Milan
Featured in Archdaily


0.4 ha


Urumqi Garden Bureau