Yincheng Kinma Q + Youth Community is the first smart and interconnected community tailored for young people in Nanjing created by Yincheng Real Estate and Tencent. In combination with site positioning, we use “circles” as a landscape design strategy: through the spatial language of “circles” to create spaces that gather young people, that is, “friend circles” that gather in the venue for different functions. In this 1.7-hectare youth community, we have arranged a variety of themed “friend circles” in combination with the format of the building: sports circles, reading circles, sharing circles, interactive circles, open circles, multifunctional circles and party circles. And through a multi-functional walkway, these “friend circles” are run through, and a series of open spaces are connected in a compact and orderly manner. We bring a large number of young people’s interactive ways that were originally indoors to the outdoors, combined with fun and imaginative outdoor furniture.



Design Team

Huicheng Zhong, Feimin Song,Hao Lan, Bingxing Lin, Di Wang, Guowu Lv




Nanjing Yincheng Group